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Where are We?






Fancy Doing a Martial Art?

Something effective, realistic and quick to learn?

That's taught in a modern, relaxed and friendly style


 Is great for self defence, and is genuinely great fun


And with so many classes in a week,

it will always fit into your schedule?


Is in the city centre


And that welcomes everyone


No matter your current level




Quick to Learn

At Cross Combat you will get good at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fast.


Many martial arts are proud to take decades or even centuries before they're any use to you - and even then they won't promise anything

With us you will have realistic and helpful fighty skills after just six months.


Let me repeat that.

You will have useful and realistic fighting skills after just six months.



In many ways, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a lot like the toy fighting you may have enjoyed as a kid, trying to win by noogie, wet-willie or the dreaded typewriter, rolling around the coffee table and knocking over mum's things.


The main difference between BJJ and childhood play-fighting is that instead of winning by noogie or Chinese burn, you win with a choke or an Armbar or some other technique that, if applied fully, would surely end any street fight you might find yourself embroiled in.



That's right.  There's none of this "sensei" nonsense.  There's no bowing or hero-worshipping, no mystical terror or cliquey, separatist traditions.  There isn't even any of that kata stuff.  You know, the bits where you stand in rows beating the crap out of thin air.  You won't even be made to drill the same technique again and again and again for months on end with an overly willing partner. 


We're relaxed.  The whole shebang oozes warm fuzziness - from the music to the fact that we know each other's names and use them and, although it might sound a bit cheesy, folks sometimes come to class just to hang out.


Everso Effective

If you have - or if you think you might have - an immediate or likely need for fending off multiple, weapon wielding crazies, this club is not for you.  We like to socialise and it sounds to me like you're the wrong person to hang out with.


Nonetheless, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is effective.  Sure it is.  You'll be able to calm down drunken Uncle Ted without having to smash his falsers with your uber monkey punch.  And if a mate gets rowdy, you'll be able to sit on him and control him effortlessly 'til he caaaalms down.


And if someone should come from nowhere and tackle you to the ground; or punch you from nowhere and then tackle you to the ground; or punch you from nowhere and then you fall to the ground... well running away may not be so easy.  And that's where we come in.


Because, like I said, what we do is like toy-fighting - which is like real fighting - and both end up on the ground.


The US Forces teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and you wouldn't find a professional cage fighter worth his beans who didn't at least dabble.  And that's because it works.

If it's not the only martial art you do, it should certainly be one of them.


Classes Galore

If you're the sort of person who likes to take things seriously, you'll thrill to find we're open from 6 to 10pm every weekday.

And there are lunch and Saturday sessions too.  Fill yer boots, son.


And if you're slack...  Well, there are still the same classes, but now you can just drop in.




19 Leven Street,  It's in Tollcross.

(That's just by The Meadows.  About 8 minutes East of George Square.)

We're just above the Scotmid supermarket opposite the King's Theatre.



Crazy Cow Jiu Jitsu, 19 Leven Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh

07952 941 691